Industrial Strength UK started in 2013 with the goal to fulfil the needs of professional Body Piercers across the UK and Europe.


Each piece of body jewellery is manufactured in a state of the art facility in Carlsbad California., using only the highest standards whilst offering superior quality and value since 1991.


IS Body Jewellery have a proud partnership with Swarovski gems, insuring only the highest quality gemstones get set into implant grade materials. Manufactured with 316 LVM ASTM F-­‐138 implant grade Stainless steel,  6AL4V ASTM F-­‐136 implant grade titanium and introducing the body piercing industry to a newer more biocompatible material – 6AL7NB ASTM F1295 implant grade titanium.


Working with the worlds leading piercers enables us to innovate whilst bringing fresh ideas to fine piercing establishments across the globe.